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Made in the USA

FiberLink has a 30 year track record of producing high quality, durable, reasonably priced products. We'll work with you, taking your idea from the drawing board to a finished product.  We are adept at creating prototypes from drawings, blueprints or "I got this idea”. FiberLink's motto is "Your success is our success"

Tie Downs, Straps, Slings & Nets

FiberLink Webbing Products has built a rock solid reputation producing high quality products and providing outstanding customer service. We are a business to business manufacturer.  All of our attention is focused on your product. We have the expertise to develop and custom design your ideas and products into reality.

Wide Range of Customers


Many different industries throughout the country purchase our webbing products, including military, off-road, trucking, medical, automotive, marine, and safety. View a complete list of companies who use our straps and slings. 

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Off Road 


  • Recovery Tow Straps, Tree Protectors
  • Motorcycle & Vehicle Tie Downs
  • Axle, Limit and Tire Straps & Bonnets





  • Harnesses and Safety Straps
  • Emergency Tow Straps
  • Customized Safety Applications




  • Mil Spec  & Berry Amendment Certified
  • Tie Downs, Lashing Straps & Assemblies
  • Slings, Netting and Custom Applications 





  • Slings & Rope
  • Ratchet Assemblies
  • Strap Assemblies & Cargo Netting
  • Custom Strap Applications





  •  Mooring Lines & Towing Lines
  • Boatoasis Sun Shades
  • Trailer, Boat & PWC Tie Downs & Winch Strap





  • Agri-Netting for Hay, Debris, Fertilizer or Soil
  • Winch and Sling Applications
  • Rope & Chain





  • Winch Straps
  • E-Track and E-Track Assemblies
  • Cargo Nets








Auto, RV, Pick Ups & Motorcycles

  • Top Management System
  • Tie Downs & Straps
  • Shade Covers and Cargo Nets

Tow Trucks

Tow Trucks

  • Bridles, Clusters & D-Rings
  • Chain and End Fittings
  • Ratchets, V-Rings and Hardware 




Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTA)  |  California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA)  |  American Motorcyclist Association

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  • In Business for 30 Years
  • Located in Southern California
  • USA Manufacturer